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" pick up and drop off at any time"

Do you need a ride to the airport? Sunny transport provides international airport transfers as well as domestic ones!



1 pers: 5000F                                              1 to 4 pers: 2500F/ the ride

2 to 4 pers: 2500F pp                                  5 to 8 pers: add 500F per person

5 to 7 pers: 2000F pp                                 

Children under 4 yo: free!! Children from 5yo to 12 yo: 1500F




SUNNY TRANSPORT drives you to all the major tourist attractions/ sights:

Tjibaou Cultural Center: Explore the harmonious alliance of traditional and modern…….

Zoological Forest Park: Enjoy fantastic walks in a kind of zoo featuring a large number of birds,

 monkeys, snakes and many other animals!

Kuendu Beach: Spend your afternoon swimming in the bay..

Géant Sainte Marie Supermarket: Visit a French supermarket and bring home a lot of French products!

Mount Koghi rainforest: Enjoy beautiful views of Noumea, discover the giant trees, endemic plants and wildlife species!

randonnées au Mont Koghi

Rivière de Dumbéa

Blue River Provincial Park: Spend your day in a botanical reserve and swim in the river….     


Do you want to go to Dumbea river, to Dumbea Golf Club, to Gadji Beach or to Nakutakoin karting?

For further information, please contact us!!!


                                                         PHONE 75 02 78/ mail: sunnytransport@hotmail.com

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